Wednesday, March 4, 2009

iPhone Cross-Stitch

Valentines day has been and gone and luckily for me we are not avid celebrators of the day. My dear husbands present is still sitting uncompleted in my sewing basket. If you have read my blog more than once, you will definitely be starting to notice a theme.

Finally this morning I could take it no longer. I worked really hard doing the first half of it, and I wanted to show him something before we got too far into March. I am making him a plush iPhone for V day.

If you think that is a little strange let me explain.... Ummm on second thoughts if your not Apple fanatic, no amount of explaining is going to make sense! :o)

So far I have cross-stitched the front section. It is to scale. The rest of it will be sewn from shiny black and grey satin. Hopefully soon.

It is a terrible photo (taken with photo booth of course). I must learn to master the macro mode of my camera. Small details for the love of my life include; The service provide is "love", the date is set to 14 and there is a heart shaped App.

Best of all, he really likes it! :o)


Amy Bailes said...

Hi Jen! I just wanted to let you know that I left you an award over on my blog. If you're interested, go by and pick it up!

I really like the iphone cross-stitch you're making. Cool

Kim D Messick said...


Think different.

e rega said...


june said...

Cool! I wish I'm good with cross-stitch.