Monday, January 12, 2009


I have finished the refashioned dress for Ava, but it has been raining for three days solid, so I haven't been able to get good photos. She wore the dress to daycare yesterday and it made me so happy to have a 3 year old. I can't imagine that in a few years she will still go running into a room saying, "Look, look, look, Mummy made me a new dress!" It made my day :o)

I got out the Strawberry Coat to work on last weekend. I nearly cried when I discovered that I had lost a facing piece. I went through everything and of course I have not even an ounce extra of the fabric that I bought at the Op Shop. My only hope is that the fabric store might have some, but it is a long shot. Between completely mixing up the front and this, I am thinking it might be time to start again. All the lining is right, and I have extra fabric in that print. I also have a really nice navy linen that will work. Sigh... I really need to learn to be a bit more patient and a bit more careful.

I got very distracted from sewing on the weekend and it is all Barbie's fault!

I was seduced by a Rivers ad on Friday promising $9 cotton work shirts. Of course, when I get there, they don't have any. But I really do need some plain white shirts that can be embroidered with the company logo, so I decided to just make some. I trudged off to the local Fabric store to have a look. Now, normally if someone asks, I will just say we don't have a fabric store because the range is small and they're not always super friendly. But in a bout of supporting local stores inspired emotion, I went and had a look at the fabric and truth be told, they do have some nice, reasonably priced stuff in there. Somehow I ended up with white polyester instead of cotton though...

What does this have to do with Barbie you ask? Well I didn't have a pattern for the shirts, so I went to the Op Shop to see if they had any decent ones. I didn't find a good pattern, but I did discover that pattern prices have gone up from 10c to 50c. Talk about inflation! Ha ha, I'm not actually complaining. That is still super cheap, even if they are used. I hear talk of your mystical 99c pattern sales in America, but I've never seen a new pattern here below $10, even on sale.

As I was leaving the shop my eye wandered over something. It was a giant doll house. I snapped a shot on my phone and emailed it to my husband, saying "huge doll house, $40." He agreed it was a necessary purchase (yes we both need to work on our definition of necessary) and the doll house came home. The look on Ava's face when she woke up from her nap and saw that thing was priceless. It needs some fixing, but unfortunately there was nowhere to hide it, so we will just work around her dolls. Be prepared for room by room furnishing.

Yes, I spent the rest of the weekend playing Barbie's with Ava :o)

On the plus side, while rearranging the lounge to make room, I found a shirt for me that I cut out 5 1/2 years ago. I was feeling so high and mighty that I only had UFOs from last year... hehehe

Okay, now I have written this big long blog post about nothing in particular. It took me a while though, so I am not deleting it. Read my ramble if you wish. I am only working a half day to today. Maybe I will actually sew this afternoon.

Finally, a Comic Life picture of just how tough it is to be my cat. These were taken over the course of one day.


Tamsyn said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said that it is huge were you!? I can't wait to come up and play barbies too :)

Summerset said...

Yeah, that looks like one of my cats, too. The cat basket is the place to be!