Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sewing, sewing, busy sewing

Ava had a hospital check up on Tuesday. Not wanting to waste a day of daycare that we had paid for, I sent her and I stayed home to sew.

I thought I would I finish up the dress from the pattern below that I had cut a while ago.
Unfortunately I cut it 10kg (22 pounds) ago. Hmmmmm. Well it is going together really well, so I will keep going. I am being so patient and careful. It is really making a difference in the finished look.

I spent a lot of yesterday on the dress as well and now I only have the zipper and hem to go. I am officially back on a diet.

I had to go out yesterday to get some thread and so I went to the fabric store to see if possibly that had some matching fabric for the Strawberry coat. I patiently waited to be served only to be sniffed at and told the fabric probably came from Spotlight. A simple no, we don't stock this fabric would have sufficed. I was going to buy this pattern

But the complete indifference I faced when asking a question about it, made me decide to order it online. I must have done something bad to the owner of this store in a previous life.

I was going to pick this pattern because it had the different cup sizings, but it only goes up to D cup, so I am not sure if it would work. I've never done an FBA on top before, I always just make the pattern according to my bust size, which make a loose fit through the stomach and waist. My latest bra fitting made me a little shocked to discover I am a 12F (or supposedly a 10G if I ever want to buy a strapless bra), no wonder tops never fit me properly.

Hopefully I will finish up the dress tonight and post photos tomorrow.

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Amy Bailes said...

With the princess seams on this shirt, you shouldn't have a problem doing a FBA. Especially since you can compare the pattern pieces to see where and how much they made the adjustment for the B, C, and D cups. I wear a DD and will probably get bigger after birth, so I have to adjust even with these patterns.

Don't you feel more comfortable in a fitted bra?